“Seeing a big smile and hearing  “You got this Jen!”  Or “C’mon girl! You can do it!” have been persistent forces in my life since February 2012 when I started training with Laura.  I started personal training because I had made a new year’s resolution to get healthy that year– body, mind, and soul. I also wanted to become a raft guide that summer, but was struggling with confidence because I wasn’t sure I was “athletic” enough and was worried about my weight.  Through training with Laura I gained confidence not only through my body getting stronger but was getting stronger.  I had more confidence in myself, I was proud of myself, and she helped me appreciate who I am.  She is so positive and truly cares for the people she trains (and anyone she is around!).  You can’t help but absorb her encouragement and belief that you can change your life and have joy!

She is a creative, honest, and a tenacious Coach that works to help you build yourself up.  She is optimistic and believes you can achieve more that what you may think is possible.  Your goals are her goals and they go much deeper than improving your outward appearance or losing weight.  I am a much more confident, independent, and athletic person since working with Laura.  Oh, and I’m a raft guide now too! Hip, Hip, Hooray!”

Jen Clowers – Age 32



Laura has been my personal trainer for several years.  She helped me get ready for my knee surgery and get stronger afterwards.  She has not only the expertise but the personality and motivational skills to help anyone succeed.  I have never been stronger nor more confidant of my fitness than I have when I was training with her.

“Personal” is not just an adjective applied to training or life coaching or anything that Laura does.  She truly loves to help people succeed, whatever your goals are.

What is special to me is that she respects us seniors in a genuine way and always treated me with kindness, compassion and encouragement.  She helped me with life coaching even before she added this credential to her impressive resume.  Her model is simple and effective and helps you see yourself in a comprehensive way.  And her native intuition and people skills are so helpful during this process of exploration.

Diana S. - Age 61



Laura is very astute in guiding clients through the coaching process .  There is no coach more efficient,   dedicated, and focused on the task at hand. She has a perfectly unobtrusive presence that guides from the sidelines in clarifying aspirations. She can read between the lines, and identify latent mental roadblocks. She has terrific positive energy that can only spill over paving the way to reaching  your goals.

Sally F. - Age 50



I hadn’t been inside of a gym for years, but finally resolved it was now or never! I knew I needed some professional help with my workouts, to give me the guidance, structure and support to keep me going (and keep me coming back!). I knew the qualities I wanted in a trainer – someone who would help me set achievable goals and provide the right blend of encouragement and focus. I interviewed several trainers before Laura, determined to find someone who was just the right fit. From the first few minutes of meeting her, I felt it was a match. Who knew going to the gym (first thing in the morning, no less) could be fun??? I teased with Laura that I was someone who had always viewed my body as simply a vehicle to carry around my head (not exactly a jocktype). Undeterred, she moved me forward at my own pace. (Well, actually just enough ahead of my own pace, so I could see results, bringing me up against my edges, which is just what I needed). All this done with infinite patience, shared laughter, deep knowledge of physiology/kinesiology, respect and enthusiasm. We were a team. I so appreciate her collaborative approach.

(And, appreciate feeling ten years younger, experiencing a new-found mind/body connection, and getting back into a size 8!).

Diane H. - Age 63



I started training with Laura McKeand over two years ago, with two things to work on, reducing chronic back pain by strengthening my back and core, (as my primary doctor advised,) and for the first time in my life, becoming physically fit.

When I started training, I wouldn’t have dreamed I would end up looking forward to working my body to pain and fatigue, to testing my own discipline and endurance, to actually wanting to go to the gym, but today I do.

Laura helped me achieve both of my goals, in part by creating an environment of encouragement, and by demonstrating her passion for a healthy life, and helping me find my own.

Laura invested her true self in her work as a trainer, and helped me become athletic, a more self-confident person, and fostered an “I can” attitude.

Peter K. - Age 34